Have you seen the design concept of the new freehold Amber Park condo?

There will be a running on the roof top of the private condo where residents are able to enjoy their activity while enjoy the sea view.

Where is Amber Park condo?

Located on the East Coast Amber Gardens, the freehold new project Amber Park has finally open to the public preview on April 27 2019. The City Developments Limited (CDL) and Hong Leong Group in real estate development had jointly developed the whole residential project. The site area is about 19850 square metres of land area, volume ratio to 2.8 and has a freehold status.

The academic publishing giant Elsevier (Elsevier) of the health and housing magazine (Health & Place), this study has been published – live on the coast near can give rise to additional benefits, make better health.

A new study analysed more than 48 million people in England live, the more information people close to the coast, in the past year the physical health as well. The research, the researchers have considered other possible health factors such as age, sex, socioeconomic status and whether they live near a park or other green spaces. From the shore at half a mile (800 meters), places within their body to report good health, the number of people living in more than 30 miles from the coast (about 48,300 meters) higher than the 1 per cent, even if it’s a very small impact, but when the base was expanded to the whole population, it will be to have a significant public health impact.

In the 15th District Amber Park is located along the coastal zone of East Coast Park. A lot of projects are also situated along Amber Road and Amber Gardens. The project has the best of both world where residents can enjoy a fantastic location while is near to the Singapore Changi Airport, Raffles Place and Marina Bay Financial Centre. The Amber Park condo is also walking distance to upcoming Tanjong Katong MRT station of the Thomson-East Coast line. The residential condo will be built up to22 storey high with the Sky Garden on the roof.  The project will be built with a vast of  facilities and beautifully and landscaping.

The units Amber Park equally thoughtful design, with a total of 592 set of private units, including 114 apartments owned by a unit of study, lying on a two bedroom unit, 82, of 120 two lying plus study, Unit 101, a three bedroom unit in a four bedroom unit, which has 57 four Fumga study unit, forty five bedroom units and four loft units.

Overall, released by the National University of Singapore real estate price index (NUS Soi) but for the month of March, according to Homes for resale price index as a whole, rather than the 0.1% 152.6; February fell 0.4% in Singapore, but private overall resale prices to reverse the decline in six months, in last month turned upward. House prices are already rising, bucking Amber court such permanently high property deeds, Seascape with luxury house prices will continue to rise, whether to stay or financial investment, will now begin a Amber Park apartment is a particularly good timing! Wise believes that you’d never mistake a this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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